Our Project Management services are responsible for the day-to-day management of a property development project to deliver it as expected, simply and effectively.

As specialists in Project Management services in Sydney and New South Wales, our firm has an intimate knowledge of all facets of local regulations and statutory requirements. Add to that our long-term relationships with trusted suppliers and contractors in the state, and you can be assured that any project we undertake runs smoothly.

Once you’ve briefed us on a project, you’ll be matched with a Project Manager from our company, who has been carefully selected based on their expertise, experience and suitability for the project.

In essence, our Project Management services are the control centre for a project – the central point of contact for all parties involved in the day-to-day activities of a project.

With the backing of the greater McNally team, your Project Manager provides a grounded and informed perspective on the project. They ensure all work is carried out efficiently and effectively and meets cost and quality expectations.

  • Client representation
  • Project inception and planning
  • Developing or revising the project brief
  • Project team selection
  • Refining project goals and objectives
  • Value engineering
  • Approvals and development applications
  • Contract negotiations & administration
  • Contract procurement
  • Manage tenders
  • Construction management
  • Occupation certificate
  • Post-construction care
  • Handover and finalisation

Client representation

At the core of the Project Manager’s role is to understand your requirements and expectations thoroughly and completely. We’re then able to effectively act as your representative with suppliers, contractors and any third-party providers in all aspects of the project through to its successful completion.

Project inception and planning

Engaging Project Management services early on in a project can have a great impact on its smooth delivery. By having us involved from the outset ensures we have a thorough understanding of your project requirements and priorities. It also ensures we’re in the best position to deal with any contingencies.

Developing or revising the project brief

Importantly, we work with our clients to develop an accurate and detailed brief. This detailed brief then guides all parties on how to deliver to your goals. When and if required, the brief is reviewed to ensure project goals and objectives are up to date.

Project team selection

Given the depth of experience on the McNally team and our close relationships with partnering consultants encompassing all facets of engineering and certification, we’re able to bring together a project team ideally suited to achieve your goals no matter the complexity.

Refining project goals and objectives

As part of our Project Management services we undertake a process of reviewing the design concepts and refining the project goals and objectives. This ensures the most effective use of time and resources and minimises the chance of time or cost overruns.

Value engineering

Should a development exceed the budget constraints, we can provide services to investigate alternate solutions. Our expert consulting team research the most effective alternatives, the advantages and disadvantages, and provide clear and concise recommendations.

Approvals and development applications

Regulatory requirements in NSW can be complex. Our team simplifies the process. We have extensive experience in compiling and delivering a range of submissions for regulatory approval, including development applications, construction certification and occupation certification.

Contract negotiations and administration

There’s a significant benefit for all parties to have an intermediary and non-biased party involved to manage and administer the contract. Our extensive experience managing contracts helps to achieve the best outcome for all parties.

Contract procurement

There are many methods available for contracting the construction phase of a project. We can help you navigate these options successfully. This might include design and construction as separate elements or as a package. We can also advise you on contracting alternatives such as fixed lump sum, cost plus, construction management, guaranteed maximum price, and others.

Tender management

If a tender process is required during any step of the development, we make it simple. Our team will take care of the full tender process from developing a scope of works, including setting achievable and efficient timeframes, to receiving and evaluating tender responses. We then determine the best tenderer given the scope, undertake interviews and make a final recommendation to you.

Our Values

Experience. Care. Integrity.

At McNally, we are client-focused, hard working and diligent. We manage our projects with consultation and care, always committing to our word and delivering outcomes that make us proud.

Construction management

Right throughout the construction process, we’re there to represent you and ensure your expectations are met. We work alongside construction management partners, whether external consultants or builder representatives, to endeavour to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Occupation certification

Once construction is complete, we work with all the necessary parties to compile and submit the documentation necessary for occupation certification by council.

Post-construction care

Typically, there are some aspects of a project that require management after the project is completed and occupied. These might include:

  • Defects
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Final accounting
  • Land titles
  • Contract finalisation
  • Occupancy issues
  • Final completion

We take care of these post-construction tasks on your behalf

During the post-construction phase, we monitor and inspect construction progress, manage defects, and advise when practical completion is achieved. We obtain all certificates, including occupation certification, as-built drawings, operations and maintenance manuals.

Handover and finalisation

The final phase of all projects is the delivery of the project. Excellent results are achieved when all prior phases have been followed well. During handover and finalisation we continue to manage defects during the liability period, and finalise any outstanding issues.

We are delighted every time we deliver the best results for our clients.

Our Project Management Services are scaled to suit each individual project depending on the project’s scope and budget. On smaller projects a Project Manager may be engaged to look after a broader range of tasks that might usually fall within the scope of a Design Manager, Superintendent or Development Manager. On larger projects it’s important to define and scope the roles articulating more specifically the responsibilities of these four service areas to ensure the project is delivered on time, cost and quality parameters.

Let’s Get Your Next Project Moving

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