Design management ensures that the integrity of the original design concept is developed and delivered as final plans for construction. During the design management process, our design Managers work with a range of technical personnel to ensure design elements are achievable in terms of cost, quality and time parameters.

Once you’ve briefed us on a project, you’ll be matched with a Design Manager from our team, who has been carefully selected based on their expertise, experience and suitability for the project.

The role of the Design Manager

First and foremost, the role of your Design Manager is to the get the best from the design team and ensure the timely delivery of your project plans. On a day-to-day basis your Design Manger fulfills a variety of important functions including:

  • The accurate recording of meeting minutes and design changes
  • Ensuring design changes meet authority requirements
  • Ensuring the design meets principal project requirements, and
  • Ensuring the design is within budget constraints

Our Values

Experience. Care. Integrity.

At McNally, we are client-focused, hard working and diligent. We manage our projects with consultation and care, always committing to our word and delivering outcomes that make us proud.

The McNally difference

Most important of all, your McNally Design Manager is there to collaborate with you and fully understand your desired outcomes and then become your voice within the design team. The boutique nature of McNally as a firm means that your Design Manager will work directly and closely with you during every step of the process.

As specialists in property design management in Sydney and New South Wales, we have an intimate knowledge of all facets of local regulations and statutory requirements. Add to that our extensive experience working with local materials and to local conditions, and you can be assured that any project we undertake is designed to last.

Our Services are scaled to suit each individual project depending on the project’s scope and budget. On smaller projects a Project Manager may be engaged to look after a broader range of tasks that might usually fall within the scope of a Design Manager, Superintendent or Development Manager. On larger projects it’s important to define and scope the roles articulating more specifically the responsibilities of these four service areas to ensure the project is delivered on time, cost and quality parameters.

Let’s Get Your Next Project Moving

For an initial, no-obligation chat to discuss your project options, you can contact us by phone or email, or visit us at our Sydney office during business hours.